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Do not over complicate things. It is something people need to remind themselves over and over if they want to be successful.

Too often people confuse knowledge with comprehension. Just because you know your heart rate does not mean you know what your heart rate should or should not be.

If you know going for a walk is ‘good’ for you, then that is enough reason to do it. Do not worry about how many steps you took or what total elevation you traversed. Worry about whether you are walking when you are supposed to, and that is it.

BARUCHealth programs are created with this very concept in mind. Start with step 1 and that is it, just execute the plan. When you are ready, move onto step 2. Then repeat until you have completed the program. At the end of the program and you will comprehend what you have done.

This process matters because the best communication occurs when both people have experience with the material discussed. So instead of attempting to explain details and concepts, let’s show simple paths for your own personal development. Then when you have experience let’s discuss the details.

Most programs out there include too much too soon.

Tracking things like counting calories, tracking steps, using heart rate monitors, following pre-programmed treadmill/elliptical programs, testing your V02 max and anaerobic threshold, measuring body fat and inches, tracking brain waves while sleeping, measuring ketones, etc.

For the general population, tracking every detail has very little effect on progress.

Almost everyone wants to look and feel better, get stronger, be more agile, sleep better, have more energy and mental clarity, etc. In order to achieve these things all you need to do is eat well, exercise daily and take care of yourself and get enough rest.

It is always that simple, beginner through advanced. Remember, do not over complicate things.

*If you are sick and tracking meds or you are a professional athlete it may be necessary to track specific metrics.

BARUCHealth has step by step programs for everything we have discussed in this article.

Step By Step Programs:
Movement (Exercise/Training Program)

If you prioritize simplicity you will understand which variables control the direction of your progress.

First, learn to do A without thinking, so when you learn B you will not think about A.  Then learn to do B without thinking, so when you learn C you will not think of A or B.  This is how people should approach learning new things.  It is only until after someone has a great deal of experience should they concern themselves with the tiniest of details.

Progress Is Change!  So do something that leads down the path of self-evolution, never maintenance or competition alone.

All The Very Best,

Dan Baruch
BARUCHealth: Founder


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