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What is perfection?

Perfection is one’s perceptive assessment of an experience or quality projected onto an event or object.

Achieving personal perfection is impossible, yet striving for it should be the driving force of our existence.  Perfection is like ambition, but instead of endless growth, perfection is about improving the subtleties of our self and the work we create.

What is the path of personal perfection?

The biggest challenge for people is not, losing weight, changing what they eat, going to the gym, making quiet time to meditate and think, getting enough rest and recovery, budgeting for quality food, or generally taking care of themselves.  The biggest challenge for people in life is finding their way to the path of personal perfection.  Once we find it and get moving in the right direction, things just make sense.

The path of personal perfection starts when your mind is clear, your body is pure, you have found intrinsic motivation, and you operate to improve yourself for yourself and not because of or for outside influences.  Once you possess the knowledge for maintaining your own mental, physical and emotional health you will begin your journey of personal perfection.

Unfortunately, (since the earliest human societies) it is difficult to find genuine teachers who can help you find your unique way to this path of personal perfection.  Too often people are met with mainstream trends claiming to have secrets and shortcuts to every unique problem that has ever and will ever exist.  Perfection is personal and any program or advice you take should be given from someone who has gotten to know you, your history and your goals.

No perfect moment can exist twice.

Practically this means when a perfect moment or quality is achieved it can not exist forever or beyond the achieved state. And because life is dynamic and the earth and everything of it is made from organic substance, the achieved state of perfection must change from perfect to imperfect.  Later a new combination of circumstances may occur, creating a new future moment of perfection to exist.

An example of this is watching a sunset.  You could watch a sunset one day and state that it was the perfect sunset, and in that moment to you it was, but a week later you could witness a different sunset and consider that sunset to be perfect as well.  Obviously, it can not be true that both sunsets are perfect because no two sunsets are the same and if one sunset was perfect then the subsequent sunset can not be.  This is because we believe perfection means flawlessness (an object not lacking qualities), and so then logically only one sunset can be the perfect sunset which is truly completely perfect.  It is only our opinion that classifies each sunset as perfection in that moment based on our current experiences and perception.

This applies to the human mind and body because they are both in a constant state of change.  And because of the nature of our bodies, it is impossible to maintain one form of perfection.  It is this very concept that makes personal perfection the very best goal.  It is both obtainable for only a moment in time and a goal that you can spend a lifetime continually working towards.

Do not sell yourself short.

We all can achieve and experience great things. For some people it is as simple as fitting into a size of clothing, touching their toes, doing 10 pull-ups, running a marathon, having clear skin, improving aching joints, exercising more discipline and follow through, treating others kindly, listening better, or witnessing the beauty of a sunset.

So much of our behavior comes out of our overall mental, physical and emotional health. Often times when we feel we are less than perfect we treat ourselves and others poorly.

Having perfection as a goal does not mean life stops until perfection is achieved. Perfection is impossible to maintain, so accept your shortcomings, forgive yourself, love yourself and never give up. Achieving anything great takes time, sometimes years if not decades, so keep working and doing everything you can to maintain a healthy mental, physical and emotional state.

Why start with a philosophical basis?

This article has addressed perfection philosophically. It is important to understand that, if you do not have philosophical reasons for what you do, you do not understand the nature of what you do, i.e. who you are and who you are becoming.  Only universal perfection exists amongst predefined mathematical standards, and we do not measure ourselves this way.  Meaning perfection is personal and the path we all should be on is the path of personal perfection.

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