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Message From Dan Baruch:

I am generally interested in the pursuit of knowledge in the context of our time (era) which we live in and for what I forsee a few generations out. I see the two largest intersecting trends being; cloud computing, enabling the spread of a “global cultural”, and the exponential wild-fire (infectious) spread of what were once coined, “western degenerative diseases”.

With this as my opinion/observation, I am most fascinated with how I can understand better how to harness the power of the web and synthesize the elixir-like exo/endogenous contributions/discoveries made by brilliant researchers and scientists. Undoubtedly we as a global community and within esoteric realms collectively have potential to implement a sharper tool set. A tool-set utilized on the already devastating “tumor like” infection of both the earth and the earth’s inhabitants (in all forms). Step one is awareness. Step two is setting a mission, and step three is deciding on actionable priorities.

Awareness How we act.

Mission How we can act.

Priorities How we will act.

A little of my story…

I started out very young, about 16 years old with the motto “With Intensity Greatness Is Achievable”.  I lived that thought for more than 10 years.  I did crossfit, bodybuilding, power lifting, olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, boxing, kettlebells, marathon, triathlon, yoga and other disciplines.  I did these training activities in focused periods of my life, committed fully to each discipline on their own.  Then an accumulation of events occurred which has led me up to this point, where I embody a health first philosophy, continually searching for a superior version of myself.

Now I am teaching and guiding people through what they have done in their past and hope to do in their future.  I find every person has to discover things for themselves.  I can not digest someone’s food or sleep, sweat or feel for them.  People have to do it and report back.  Then we can together develop their rhythm and balance.

I think of it like…  You want to do a headstand? Great!  You want to do a pull-up? Great!  You want to squat two times your body weight? Great!  Those are excellent goals and if it is in your genes and you have the space in your life to do it then go for it!  But remember there is always  a point when what you are doing is taking away from your short and long term health.  It is the cost of physical stress and it is most important to do enough to achieve goals but not so much that it becomes the main stressor in your life.  Your physical and nutritional practice should promote not detract from your health.

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Health • Vitality • Performance

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What your Personal Trainer might be doing wrong.

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6 min read Posture is the position you take consciously and unconsciously. This article will discuss passive and active posture, how physical training and mental and emotional stress affects posture and our individual postural genetic limitations. Optimal posture is...

Follow these nutritional principals.

9 min read “Eat what flies in the sky, roams on the land, swims in the sea, falls from a tree and grows from under the ground.” Nutrition, just like Movement, Training, Self-Therapy, Meditation, and Goal Setting, has a process and an end goal. In this article, you...

There is no such thing as a healthy habit.

4 min read Habits are never a positive thing because... A habit is something one does automatically from the subconscious; meaning the action is done without intention or a present mind. Eliminating all habitual behavior is paramount for one's own mental and emotional...

A list of 20 gentle movements you can do everyday.

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All about the squat.

6 min read  In the beginning, there were people.... And they needed to defecate, i.e. poop. So they squatted in order to do so. Then some years later the majority of the world began using the modern toilet and all our problems ensued. It is that simple and factual....

The little things add up.

4 min read Most problems we face are not like packages that suddenly show up one day at our front steps. They are slow growing manifestations of hundreds of (single) decisions done over days, weeks, months or years. Problems typically fall into two categories, sudden...

Don’t let your training time turn into a social hour.

5 min read How do you keep training the main topic of discussion? When it is training time, stay focused on getting the most out of your body. It is natural to become friends with people you train with or around. In many cases, these are friendships with years of...

Are you overthinking your health and fitness?

3 min read Do not over complicate things. It is something people need to remind themselves over and over if they want to be successful. Too often people confuse knowledge with comprehension. Just because you know your heart rate does not mean you know what your heart...

Podcast: Sauna Times

Podcast Name: SaunaTimes.com Episode Title: Sauna Talk - Dan Baruch, a holistic health professional, shares how sauna is a key wellness priority. Description: Dan and Glenn (the founder of saunatimes.com) sit in an authentic wood burning sauna and have a chat about...

Seminar: Introduction To BARUCHealth

REGISTER HERE Event Information Date and Time Sat, March 18, 2017 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM CDT About BARUCHealth: BARUCHealth provides health based education in Movement, Nutrition, Self-Therapy and Meditation. Our programs create a positive total health experience. Our...


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Baruch Health

An organization changing the way people think about health. BARUCHealth provides health based education in Nutrition, Movement, Self-Therapy and Meditation. Our programs create a positive total health experience.  Our mission is to inspire and enable people to...

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