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Path 1 was created to make your life easier.  All you need to do is follow the program in order.

Simply begin with Nutrition Step 1.

Path 1 Overview…

There are 10 Nutrition Steps, each building upon the last.  These steps focus on teaching you how to manipulate your diet for specific goals.  You will learn about: what foods to avoid and to consume, what food timing schedules to follow, recipes and tonics, protocols for fasting / fat loss / muscle building and more.

After you complete all 10 Nutrition Steps you will be ready to make nutritional choices based on your daily needs.

Go to Nutrition Step 1.

Table Of Contents

0 Preface

0.1 Welcome Letter

0.2 Website Instructions

0.3 Recommend Starting Point

1. Nutrition Introduction

1.1 Nutrition Guides

1.2 Phase 1: Stabilization

1.3 Phase 2: Elimination

1.4 Phase 3: Regeneration

1.5 Fat Loss Protocols

1.6 Muscle Building Protocols



3.1 Morning Fluids

3.2 Tonics

Food Categories


Nutrition Framework

7 Shopping List

Nutrition Lectures

9 Whats Next?

10 Movement Introduction

11 Lessons

12 Training Sessions

12.1 Movement Sessions

12.1a Movement Sessions #1

12.1b Movement Sessions #2

12.1c Movement Sessions #3

12.1d Movement Sessions #4

12.1e Movement Sessions #5

12.1f Movement Sessions #6

12.1g Movement Sessions #7

12.1h Movement Sessions #8

12.1i Movement Sessions #9

12.1j Movement Sessions #10

12.2 Flexibility Sessions

12.2a Session #1: Upper Body

12.2b Session #2: Middle Body

12.2c Session #3: Lower Body

12.2d Session #4: Full Body

12.2e At Work: Desk Stretches

12.2af At Work: Mid Day Stretches

12.3 Strength Sessions

12.3a Strength Session: Squat

12.3b Strength Session: Pushup

12.3c Strength Session: Deadlift

12.3d Strength Session: Hang

12.3e Strength Session: Good Morning

12.3f Strength Session: Cuban Press

12.3g Strength Session: Pullup

12.3h Strength Session: Dip

12.4 Conditioning Sessions

12.4a Bodyweight Conditioning #1

12.4b 10 Minutes Sustained Effort

12.4c 20 Minutes Sustained Effort

12.4d 40 Minutes Sustained Effort

12.4e Intervals #1

12.4f Intervals #2

12.4g Intervals #3

13 Training Schedules

13.1 2 Days Per Week

13.2 3 Days Per Week

13.3 4 Days Per Week

13.5 5 Days Per Week

14 Training Cycles

14.1 6 Week Cycle

14.2 8 Week Cycle

14.3 12 Week Cycle

14.4 16 Week Cycle

14.5 Week Journal

14.6 Month Journal

15 Training Protocols

16 Movement Categories

16.1 Squat Movements

16.2 Pull Movements

16.3 Press Movements

16.4 Accessory Movements

16.5 Technique Movements

16.6 Gymnastic Movements

16.7 Flexibility Movements

17 Strength Stages

17.1 Stage 1

17.2 Stage 2

17.3 Stage 3

17.4  Stage 4

17.5 Strength Stage Checklists

18 Master Guide

19 Movement Glossary

20 Skill Progressions

21 Training Philosophy

22 Self-Therapy Introduction

23 Lessons

24 Self Therapy Protocols

24.1 Contrast Therapy

24.2 Self Massage

24.3 Pressure Points

24.4 Gua Sha

25 Pain Programs *Prehab | Rehab

25.1 Neck Pain

25.2 Shoulder Pain

25.3 Elbow Pain

25.4 Wrist Pain

25.5 Upper Back Pain

25.6 Lower Back Pain

25.7 Hip Pain

25.8. Knee Pain

25.9 Ankle Pain

25.10 Foot Pain (Heel & Arch)

26 At Work Stretches

26.1 Desk Stretches

26.2 Mid Day Stretches

27 Whats Next?

28 Meditation Introduction

29 Lessons

29.1 Breath Control

29.2 Sitting Posture

29.3 Tension Points

29.4 Physical Stillness

30 Worksheets

30.1 Goal Setting

30.2 Discipline Tracking

30.3 Stress Management

30.4 Understanding Habits

30.5 The Continual Count

30.6 Progress Report

31 Guided Sequences

31.1 Sequence 1

31.2 Sequence 2

31.3 Sequence 3

31.4 Sequence 4

32 Meditative Movement

32.1 Swinging Arms

32.2 Arm Circles

33 Submissions

33.1 Daily Submissions

33.2 Weekly Submissions

33.3 Monthly Submissions

34 Day Regiment

35 Whats Next?

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