BARUCHealth offers a post rehabilitation training program that bridges the gap between physical therapy and traditional physical training.

Nice to meet you! My name is Dan Baruch.

I created BARUCHealth after +10 years of working as a Personal Trainer and Manual Therapist. I want to partner with you because every day I meet people who have completed an initial phase of treatment or rehabilitation due to an injury or surgery but still do not feel ready to re-enter the physical training world.

I currently work together with Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists, and Massage Therapists. I offer those recently graduated from ‘trauma treatment plans’ a path to greater Strength, Flexibility, Range of Motion, and more.

A few examples of the cases I work with are…

Joint Replacement Example:
When a person has a knee replacement and completes a 12-26 week physical therapy program and is looking for a training program to start.

Chronic Pain Example:
When a person is suffering from lower back pain and has had X-rays, MRI’s, completed Physical Therapy and has been under the care of a chiropractor for over 6 weeks.

Medical Diagnosis Example:
When a person is diagnosed with Neuropathy and is currently under the care of a medical doctor and has difficulties exercising due to related symptoms.

In my experience
, there are many people looking for help transitioning from ‘trauma based treatment’ to physical training.

We all know going from a full joint replacement, ligament or tendon repair, bulging disc, etc. to a group exercise class or high-intensity fitness program is not the best option for the well-being of the client/patient.  And furthermore, participating in singular programs such as Yoga, Pilates, continuing Physical Therapy exercises, etc. are ineffective at developing advanced functional movements necessary for daily living.

In other words, doing jumping jacks, lifting 5lb dumbbells, riding a recumbent bicycle, competing in group exercise classes, stretching without a transferable purpose, using isolation machines, etc. will not establish progressions for safely achieving physical balance and a greater strength to weight ratio.

Details About The BARUCHealth Movement Program.

All of the BARUCHealth programs are accessible online for free. The BARUCHealth Movement Program follows a series of 10 Movement Sessions that teaches participants how to move in the context of daily posture and body position for beginner thru advanced physical training.  Participants are taken through an extensive program that includes: Mobility, Flexibility, Prehab/Rehab, Technique, Building, Strength, and Conditioning.

The first year’s curriculum is available to view online for all BARUCHealth In-Person participants.

Why Should We Work Together?

· I understand the value of your service and possible ongoing cooperation.
· I have extensive experience helping clients transitioning from a rehabilitation program to a training program.
· I am an expert at teaching training movements and concepts.
· I am local, my studio is located in Wayzata MN.
· I deeply care that clients achieve their goals.
· I want to create lasting relationships built on mutual respect.

Thank you for your time.

I would love to set up a call and learn more about how we can work together.
phone: #612-382-8594
Dan Baruch


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